Best children’s books I read in 2018: from Dimity Powell

Dimity Powell is a children’s author who recently published At the End of Holyrood Lane.
This is super hard btw but here are my attempts at narrowing things down – not something that I’m naturally good at! (You’ll note, I’ve blatantly ignored the rule of  three concept, apologies)
  1. Non-Fiction: Real Food Kids Will Love by Annabel Karmel – there’s been a flood of Great Women, Great Guy type NF books this year and the Little People series is a fave, insects featured a lot too,  but this one takes the cake, as it were.
  2. YA: Living on Hope Street by Demet Divaroren ties Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee
  3. Middle Grade Fiction: The Endsister by Penni Russon 
  4. Junior Fiction older readers: Natural Born Leader Loser by Oliver Phommavanh
  5. Picture Books early childhood: Want to Play Trucks? by Ann Stott and Bob Graham
  6. Picture Books: Along Came A Different by Tom McLaughlin & My Storee by Paul Russell and Aska 
  7. Graphic Novel junior: Parvana: A Graphic Novel by Deborah Ellis
  8. Verse Novel: Leave Taking by Lorraine Marwood
  9. Best New Comer: Small Spaces by Sarah Epstein YA
  10. Most interesting / daring issue-based picture book: At The End of Holyrood Lane by Dimity Powell and Nicky Johnston (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) & Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

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