Best children’s books I read in 2018: from Jenny Stubbs

StoryLinks asked authors, reviewers and people involved in the children’s literature world for their three favourites from 2018. This selection is from Jenny Stubbs, the President of Book Links.

Lenny’s Book of Everything  by Karen Foxlee.

This beautifully written story of Lenny and her gentle giant of a brother will leave you in tears,

but you won’t be able to put it down.

You will get to know and love the characters surrounding the children and feel like you have met them personally.



Everything I Never Said by  Samantha Wheeler.

This is nothing like Sam’s earlier books on animal conservation.

It is written from the heart based on the story of her daughter with Rett Syndrome.

You will feel the frustration of Ava as she tries to communicate with people around her and the way different people deal with her disability.



The Adventures of Jellybean by Dianne Bates and Bill Condon.

It’s difficult to find good books for this age group of around 7-10 so I loved this little gem about a friendship between two boys who become the proud owners of a goat and despite Jellybean escaping and eating things she shouldn’t, they manage to work together to set up a soap making business and enter a pet show.

Fun, friendship, family.

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