Noah Noasaurus

Written by Elaine Kiely Kearns

Illustrated by Colin Jack

Reviewed by Yvonne Mes

Ah, we can’t wait to hear our child’s first word, then we delight in every new word until they get to … ‘No’.

Unfortunately, children love the power of ‘no’ and the attention it gets until parents’ patience is stretched taut.

This story features the cutest and grumpiest little dinosaur whose name happens to be Noah and he is a Noasaurus (I looked it up, it is a real dinosaur).

Noah is feeling very ‘no’ when he wakes up. Fed up with his well-meaning family he storms off only to be followed by other dinosaurs who remain oblivious to his bad mood.

The overwhelming goodwill and cheeriness of the other dinosaurs reach boiling point for poor Noah when they can’t even take a loud hint by way of a terrific tantrum.

When the parade of dinosaurs threatens to pass him by, Noah is finally able to see the funny side, though he remains consistently and adorably obstinate till the end.

A lovely story to read with your little ones to get them out of a grumpy mood or to just get them into a better one.

The illustrations are bright and bring light to Noah’s moody temperament. This delightful picture book can be enjoyed by children from two  years onward.

If you want to have a closer look, check out this trailer.

Albert Whitman & Co. 2019 Hardcover $16.99 Picture Book ISBN 978 0 8075 5703 7

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