The International Space Station

Written by Clive Gifford

Illustrated by Dan Schlitzkus

Reviewed by Dajo Finlayson

This interesting work deals with the structure and workings of, and living conditions aboard, the International Space Station (ISS).

With detailed, stylised illustrations complemented by simple, easy to understand fact boxes, a comprehensive table of contents, glossary, further information including relevant and interesting websites, books and online videos and a succinct index, this 32 page information book is a mine of easily accessible knowledge.

It includes such topics as: What is a Space Station? Space’s Biggest Building Site, Training to be an Astronaut, Travelling to and from the Space Station, Life in Space, Science in Space, Dinner in Space, Leisure in Space, Health and  Hygiene in Space and Space walking.

It also looks at some of the history of space exploration, including the structures of early space shuttles and robotic construction assistants, as well as providing some fascinating facts in the form of primary source material through conversation bubbles labelled ‘Space Speak’, where both male and female astronauts present their personal experiences of their time in the ISS and their adaptation to life back on earth after their return.

A great, fact filled and interesting read for younger readers.

Wayland 2017 Picture Book Hardback $19.99 ISBN 9781526302168

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