Children’s Short Story Competition Shortlist Young Writers Grades 4 – 6 announced

The Shortlist for the StoryLinks Children’s Short Story Competition for Young Writers in Grades 4 – 6  is (in alphabetical order of author) :

Be Careful What You Wish For by Toby Adeney
The Little Nightingale by Violet Beck
Winning! (Multiplied by 2)  by Sienna Emelia De Carlo
Toilet Travelling by Oliver Harcourt-Cooze
The Lost Diamond Earring by Nonoka Sasazawa

Judges’ comments: These stories were commendable for careful writing, a thoughtfully constructed plot and an understanding of character.  Congratulations to these five who stood out in a field of over 125 entries.

The winner will be announced by George Ivanoff, the author of The Australia Survival Guide at the Story Arts Festival on Tuesday, October 15. More information about the festival is available here .  Bookings  for his session are free and available here.

The winner will receive $100.00 and the shortlisted authors will each receive $25.00.

Regretfully the judges have decided not to create a shortlist or appoint a winner in the Grades 7 – 9 category as the entries were not of a sufficiently high standard.




7 thoughts on “Children’s Short Story Competition Shortlist Young Writers Grades 4 – 6 announced

  1. Hi Storylinks,
    I don’t know what happened to my comment. It got deleted. I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything!

    I just wanted to say that I was one of the entrants for the short story competition (in the 7-9 grade), and to find out the stories entered weren’t ‘high standers’ I was so disappointed. I put my time and effort into writing a story but to find out nobody from that division has been chosen.

    That is why I suggest you guys choose three or four of the best ones because then it wouldn’t feel like a waste of time.


  2. Hi. Yes the 7-9 grades stories weren’t up to ‘high standers’ but could you guys please at least chose the best 3 in your opinion? I honestly think that people have spent a lot of time writing them and to find out it was a waste of time is disappointing.


    1. Hi Lyssie, I understand your disappointment but one of the terms and conditions of entry states: The judge/s reserve the right to not award prize money if none of the entries fulfill all set criteria, and/or do not meet the quality sought by the judging panel.


      1. 👍

        On Mon, 30 Sep 2019 at 1:16 pm, wrote:

        > Mia Macrossan commented: “Current policy is to publish the winner’s story. > It will be announced on Tuesday October 15.” >


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