The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator

by Matilda Woods

reviewed by Bryani-Rose, age 11

Eleven-year old Oona Britt is from Nordlor, the village of one thousand ships. She lives with her father, mother and six sisters.  Oona is very unlike her sisters, instead of wanting to marry a prince, travel South and look fantastic all the time, she wants to go to sea and show her father how great she really is.

While there are a lot of ‘girl power’ books out now, this one stood out because of the setting and characters, especially with Oona’s brave, adventurous and determined personality.

Two other characters also stand out: the ship’s Navigator, a man who is kind, caring and brave, shares a special bond with Oona, and Barnacles, the ship’s cat and wannabe captain, who has a mind of his own but likes to stick to the rules and protect all on the ship.

The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator was very different, in a great way.

A fantasy adventure story that is  an easy read with  engaging characters.

I really liked this book and would highly recommend it to others.

Scholastic Children’s Books 2019

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