Yahoo Creek An Australian Mystery

Written and illustrated by Tohby Riddle Reviewed by Kerry Neary Yahoo Creek: an Australian Mystery is one of those books that are better shared between adult and child because of its sophisticated presentation. It has been written and illustrated by extraordinary picture book creator Tohby Riddle. He has taken extracts from colonial newspaper reports, to … Continue reading Yahoo Creek An Australian Mystery

The Happiness Box: a Wartime Book of Hope*

Written by Mark Greenwood Illustrated by Andrew McLean Reviewed by Maria Parenti-Baldey *Shortlisted for the CBCA Awards. The Happiness Box is a powerful, thought provoking story set during World War 1. The story follows Sergeant “Griff” Griffin and allied troops into a military compound near Changi Prison in 1942. Griff wrote a story about three … Continue reading The Happiness Box: a Wartime Book of Hope*

Malaysian Picture Books – a snapshot

Malaysian Picture Books by Inda Ahmad Zabri Growing up, I read books in my native tongue, Malay or Bahasa Melayu, as well as English. Eventually, it was English literature that I fell in love with, but my search for Malay books resurged when I was home for the holidays a couple of years ago. My … Continue reading Malaysian Picture Books – a snapshot

Waiting for Chicken Smith

Written and illustrated by David Mackintosh Reviewed by Katrin Dreiling  Ever since I stumbled upon David Mackintosh’s What’s up MuMu?  at the library, I am a massive fan. His style of illustrating and telling the story is so quirky that you are profusely surprised by how much beauty you find in the underlying message. As … Continue reading Waiting for Chicken Smith

Maya & Cat

Written and illustrated by Caroline Magerl Reviewed by Mia Macrossan A new picture book by local artist and writer Caroline Magerl is always an event. Maya & Cat is a quirky imaginative tale about a girl who sees a cat sitting on a roof opposite her window. When she tries to entice it to come … Continue reading Maya & Cat

Marvin and Marigold: A Stormy Night

Written by Mark Carthew Illustrated by Simon Prescott Reviewed by Yvonne Mes If you have young children, you know what a panic it can cause if there is a sudden loss of power and everyone is left in the dark! Marigold is scared, it is night, she is in bed, there are strange noises and … Continue reading Marvin and Marigold: A Stormy Night

Quick, Barney, Run!

Written by Pip Jones  Illustrated by Laura Hughes Reviewed by Andrea Wilson Can you remember being stuck inside on a rainy day as a child? With themes of cooperation and problem solving, Quick, Barney, Run! is a picture book told from a young girl’s perspective as she and her younger brother try to pass a … Continue reading Quick, Barney, Run!