Watch Over Me

by Nina Lacour reviewed by Margaret McKay-Lowndes Mila is a vulnerable teen, a victim of domestic abuse and an orphan who has outgrown foster care and now must find a place in the world. She is accepted to teach at a remote refuge for troubled children, a large and rambling farm/schoolhouse set up by loving … Continue reading Watch Over Me

The List of Things That Will Not Change

by Rebecca Stead reviewed by Sarah Custance This is the amazing new book by award-winning author Rebecca Stead. Her other books include ‘First Light’, ‘Liar & Spy’, ‘Goodbye Stranger’, ‘When You Reach Me’ which won the American Newbery Medal in 2010, and ‘Bob’ which was co-authored by Wendy Mass. With each new book Stead manages … Continue reading The List of Things That Will Not Change

Shortlist 2020 Short Story competition written by children in year 4,5 & 6

This year there were a record number of entries, nearly 300, from all across Australia. Children wrote across genres and styles - fantasy, emotional realism, detective stories, science fiction, choose your own adventure, graphic novel, adventure and escape. The judges were very impressed by the seriousness of some of the topics some children chose to … Continue reading Shortlist 2020 Short Story competition written by children in year 4,5 & 6

Ghost Bird

by Lisa Fuller reviewed by Mia Macrossan Lisa Fuller, former winner of the David Unaipon award, is a Wuilli Wuilli woman from Eidsvold, Queensland. She is passionate about culturally appropriate writing which she exemplifies here with a suspenseful tale set in her home town, a story immersed in her community, culture and spiritual identity. Stacey … Continue reading Ghost Bird

Catvinkle and the Missing Tulips

by Elliot Perlman illustrated by Laura Stitzel reviewed by Barbara Braxton Catvinkle lives in Amsterdam, with her barber-owner Mr. Sabatini, and she likes to think that the world revolves around her, as cats generally do. From her basket near the fireplace in what she considers to be her room, she watches the legs and feet … Continue reading Catvinkle and the Missing Tulips