The List of Things That Will Not Change

by Rebecca Stead reviewed by Sarah Custance This is the amazing new book by award-winning author Rebecca Stead. Her other books include ‘First Light’, ‘Liar & Spy’, ‘Goodbye Stranger’, ‘When You Reach Me’ which won the American Newbery Medal in 2010, and ‘Bob’ which was co-authored by Wendy Mass. With each new book Stead manages … Continue reading The List of Things That Will Not Change

Catvinkle and the Missing Tulips

by Elliot Perlman illustrated by Laura Stitzel reviewed by Barbara Braxton Catvinkle lives in Amsterdam, with her barber-owner Mr. Sabatini, and she likes to think that the world revolves around her, as cats generally do. From her basket near the fireplace in what she considers to be her room, she watches the legs and feet … Continue reading Catvinkle and the Missing Tulips

The Silver Arrow

by Lev Grossman reviewed by Mia Macrossan A refreshing debut children’s book by Lev Grossman, an American who usually writes adult fantasy. It’s Kate’s birthday and she isn’t expecting much so when her wealthy uncle gives her a huge life size steam train as a present it causes consternation. Kate and her brother Tom climb … Continue reading The Silver Arrow

Death Sets Sail

by Robin Stevensreviewed by Mia Macrossan This is the last in the Murder Most Unladylike Series. Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells are two young girls who go to a boarding school in England in the 1930s. They are the Wells & Wong Detective Society and over the course of nine books the intrepid twosome have … Continue reading Death Sets Sail

We Are Wolves

by Katrina Nannestadt reviewed by Mia Macrossan This historical novel with a serious underlying theme is based on real events. Apparently thousands of lost, orphaned or abandoned children, called Wolfskinder, wandered alone in East Prussia at the end of World War II. They survived by living wild in the forests, scavenging what food they could … Continue reading We Are Wolves