Young Engineers

by Andrew King illustrated by Benjamin Johnston reviewed by Mia Macrossan Andrew King, a Brisbane engineer, writer, and teacher is passionate about introducing young children to the boundless possibilities offered by the world of engineering. A couple of years ago he produced a series featuring Engibears who invited young readers to help build a new robot … Continue reading Young Engineers

The Australian Children’s Illustrated Dictionary

by John McIlwain reviewed by Mia Macrossan A  dictionary can be a valuable companion when children are at the stage of becoming independent readers and writers. This revised and updated Australian Children's Illustrated Dictionary is a superb combination of information about words and what they mean, presented in simple straightforward language augmented by many attractive … Continue reading The Australian Children’s Illustrated Dictionary

Azaria: A True History

by Maree Coote reviewed by Barbara Braxton On a cool August night 40 years ago, in the shadow of Uluru, a mother laid her baby to sleep in a tent while she and her husband and her other two children sat under the stars outside- and unknowingly began a scandal that even today, still divides … Continue reading Azaria: A True History

The Surprising Lives of Animals: How They Can Laugh, Play and Misbehave

by Anna Claybourne illustrated by Stef Murphy reviewed by Mia Macrossan This book is bursting with fascinating facts about  animal behaviour that is sure to appeal to a young inquiring mind. In five chapters Claybourne uses  familiar and some not so familiar examples to  describe how animals live their lives. She shows how animals have … Continue reading The Surprising Lives of Animals: How They Can Laugh, Play and Misbehave

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under the Bed

by Mitch Frost illustrated by Daron Parton reviewed by Melissa Salisbury Mitch Frost’s debut picture book uses humour to make monsters less scary, while incorporating themes of bravery, resilience and independence. On the surface, the book sets out some simple and silly steps that help kids tackle their fears. At first these steps seem random, … Continue reading The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under the Bed

The Australian Survival Guide

by George Ivanoff reviewed by Mia Macrossan Even if you think Australia is trying to kill you, The Australia Survival Guide can save your life!  Australia is famous the world over for the deadliness of many of its native species so Ivanoff's survival guide is a very useful resource if you want to stay alive … Continue reading The Australian Survival Guide

The International Space Station

Written by Clive Gifford Illustrated by Dan Schlitzkus Reviewed by Dajo Finlayson This interesting work deals with the structure and workings of, and living conditions aboard, the International Space Station (ISS). With detailed, stylised illustrations complemented by simple, easy to understand fact boxes, a comprehensive table of contents, glossary, further information including relevant and interesting … Continue reading The International Space Station