Squish Rabbit’s Pet

by Katherine Battersby reviewed by Mia Macrossan This story starts at the endpapers as all good picture books should with Squish Rabbit peeking out from behind a large egg. The opening sentence defines the scope of this story with an impressive statement: ‘Squish was a little rabbit but being little led to big dreams.’ Squish … Continue reading Squish Rabbit’s Pet

Mummy Cuddle

by Kate Mayes Illustrated by Sara Acton reviewed by Kerry Neary Cute may be as cute may look but there’s more to this delightful creation than shallow, sweet appeal. It’s a companion to Daddy cuddle by the same partnership, released in hardcover in 2015. The same adorable baby bunny is wide awake at bed time … Continue reading Mummy Cuddle

The Bear in our Backyard

by Emma Middleton illustrated by Briony Stewart reviewed by Kerry Neary Still fresh and joyful even after being around for about a year, this is a companion book to The lion in our living room, which starred the same sibling pair looking for fun, Tom and Tilly. This time they are outside hoping that their … Continue reading The Bear in our Backyard

Squish Rabbit’s Pet

by Katherine Battersby reviewed by Kerry Neary You can’t take the cute out of books for early childhood readers. Where would iconic characters like Miffy and Spot be if they weren’t cute, as well as having their magical adventures. One of own home-grown cute characters for the very young is Squish Rabbit, an irresistibly cute … Continue reading Squish Rabbit’s Pet

A Quiet Girl

by Peter Carnavas reviewed by Yvonne Mes Mary’s quiet conversations and ponderings are drowned out by the noise of tools, technology and toys used by her busy mother, brother and father. Mary is mostly content to be by herself surrounded by the sounds of the natural environment but is frustrated in her efforts to share … Continue reading A Quiet Girl

Under The Southern Cross

by Frane Lessac Reviewed by Kerry Neary This is a solo offering from the illustrating side of the partnership of Frane Lessac and Mark Greenwood, who create fascinating picture book interpretations of Australian folklore figures: Simpson and his donkey, Ned Kelly, Midnight (at the charge at Beersheba), and others . This book is one of … Continue reading Under The Southern Cross

The Sleeping Beauty: The Story Orchestra

Retold by Katy Flint Illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle Reviewed by Kerry Neary Music is as much a way of telling stories as producing beautiful melodies. When the beauty of music is represented through visual images and words we have some of the most wonderful books in children’s literature. The books in this series, The Story … Continue reading The Sleeping Beauty: The Story Orchestra