Tricky’s Bad Day

by Alison Lester reviewed by Claire Monsour Poor Tricky is having a bad day. It all starts when he wakes early  and tries to get himself some milk; but a spill and a slip wake the whole family! From then on, nothing seems to go right for him. Breakfast isn't the way he wants it, … Continue reading Tricky’s Bad Day

The Dark

by Lemony Snicket illustrated by Jon Klassen reviewed by Claire Monsour Lazlo was afraid of the dark. The dark lived in the same house as Lazlo, and it liked to creep around into different nooks and corners. Most of the time, the dark stayed in the basement... but at night, it would spread itself across … Continue reading The Dark

La La La : A Story of Hope

by Kate DiCamillo illustrated by Jaime Kim reviewed by Kerry Neary A  most unusual book about the way music can move our lives, La La La: a Story of Hope, is written by  enigmatic international author Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Korean born Jaime Kim. This is a metaphorical story about a lonely little girl … Continue reading La La La : A Story of Hope

All of the Factors of Why I love Tractors

by Davina Bell illustrated by Jenny Lovlie reviewed by Melissa Salisbury All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors is another delightful rhyming book by Davina Bell that celebrates the wonderful, and sometimes frustrating, obsessions children can develop with their favourite subject or object. When Frankie McGee wants to borrow the same book on … Continue reading All of the Factors of Why I love Tractors

Who’s Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf?

by Kitty Black Illustrated by Laura  Wood reviewed by Kerry Neary Let’s get whimsical. Whimsy is that typical feature of stories for the young that leaves readers feeling upbeat and chuckle-happy. It can begin with the cover. Take the title Who’s afraid of the quite nice wolf? The reader can sense immediately that this book … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf?


by Jasmeen Ismail illustrated by Jenni Desmond reviewed by Kerry Neary It’s the illustration rather than the title that foretells the whimsy in Joy.  The cover picture is a spirited kitten chasing a ball of string across the page as it unravels across the page. Most of the story is told through the illustrations with … Continue reading Joy

Books That Drive Kids Crazy #5 The Book That Never Ends

by Beck & Matt Stanton reviewed by Kerry Neary The series is called Books that drive Kids Crazy. To that they can add adults.  This is #5, in a series that included such wonders as Did You Take the B from My  -Ook?, The Red Book and This is a Ball. The book is set … Continue reading Books That Drive Kids Crazy #5 The Book That Never Ends