Nala the Koala

by Penny Min Ferguson reviewed by Mia Macrossan This delightful picture book features a young koala looking for a new home after she becomes homeless due to bushfires. With a happy and hopeful face she sets off walking – but a beach is too sandy, a street is too smoky, a farm is too scratchy. … Continue reading Nala the Koala

The Daddy Animal Book

Written and illustrated by Jennifer Cossins Reviewed by Mia Macrossan This is the companion title to THE MUMMY ANIMAL BOOK from the author of the CBCA Notable THE BABY ANIMAL BOOK and the bestselling 101 COLLECTIVE NOUNS. It is the same size, same format but in blue not pink  and features the male parent with offspring. Each spread again … Continue reading The Daddy Animal Book

The Painted Ponies

by Alison Lester reviewed by Mia Macrossan A new book by Alison Lester is always cause for celebration. The Painted Ponies doesn’t disappoint. It’s starts with Matilda who loves to stay at her Grandma Lucky’s house with the pony called Luna, the ginger cat, Big Dog and the painted ponies. The Painted Ponies are models … Continue reading The Painted Ponies

Joey and Riley

by Mandy Foot reviewed by Mia Macrossan Mandy Foot has been illustrating other people's stories for many years but this is one she has written and illustrated herself. It is about a working dog who is also a beloved companion. Pet seems too sentimental  a designation for what Riley is to Joey. Joey is a … Continue reading Joey and Riley

The Sloth and the Dinglewot

by Nicole Prust illustrated by Amanda Enright reviewed by Barbara Braxton Down near the banks of the lazy lagoon, Where the trees slowly swayed in the light of the moon, A family of sloths slept soundly asleep As the birds of the sunrise started to cheep. And as the rest of the world awakened, they … Continue reading The Sloth and the Dinglewot