Bear Was There

written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland reviewed by Sandy Driessens A huge bear and a tiny mouse gazing at each other with kind, gentle eyes is a delightful image that would draw a child of any age to this lovely book by Sally Anne Garland. 'Love is the first thing Mouse feels as he … Continue reading Bear Was There


by Margaret Wild illustrated by Judith Rossell reviewed by Mia Macrossan Many children’s books are full of lessons that adults want to teach the young. This admirable resolve can, and often does, create very tedious, what I call, teachy preachy books. Here is one that  has something serious to say but avoids preaching. It is … Continue reading Pink

In My Dreams

by Stef Gemmill illustrated by Tanja Stephani reviewed by Sandy Driessens The colourful, fantastical cover for this book speaks of adventure … of dreams. “When the world is quiet and I’m alone, I like to dream.” This opening sentence, floating through the darkness of a small child’s bedroom, prepares you for the coming story. However, … Continue reading In My Dreams

Boo Loves Books

by Kaye Baillie and Tracie Grimwood reviewed by Sarah Custance ‘Boo Loves Books’ is a must-have on the shelf of any dog lover, especially those that have rescue pets. Kaye Baillie is still a relatively new name in picture books but teamed with  Tracie Grimwood’s illustrations and her touching story they have hit a winner … Continue reading Boo Loves Books

The Giant and the Sea

by Trent Jamieson illustrated Rovina Cai reviewed by Barbara Braxton There was once a giant who stood on the shore of the sea. She looked out across the water the water, because that is what she had promised to do long, long ago. On the shore there was a young girl who would often come … Continue reading The Giant and the Sea