Animal Rights Reading List

Animal rights is a perennial topic studied in schools throughout Australia. Teacher Librarian Dajo Finlayson has prepared a reading list of novels that will provide a sound basis for developing awareness of this always current always relevant subject. Now available here.

At the End of Holyrood Lane

Written by Dimity Powell Illustrated by Nicky  Johnston Reviewed by Mia Macrossan This quietly powerful story is an extended metaphor about domestic violence in a child’s life. Flick’s life is calm, pleasant and full of play except when unpredictable storms occur which turn her sunny world upside down. She hides from the storm wherever she … Continue reading At the End of Holyrood Lane

Funny Kid #3 Prank Wars

Written and illustrated by Matt Stanton Reviewed by Lyn Halliday Stanton’s third book in the Funny Kid series grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go, taking you on a hilarious journey inside 11-year-old Max Walburt’s head — who really is a funny kid. Max, his best friend, and Pip (the new girl … Continue reading Funny Kid #3 Prank Wars

Fart Monster and Me #1 & #2

By Tim Miller and Matt Stanton Reviewed by Lyn Halliday  Just when you thought there was no more room in the bookstores for another fart book…. There’s another fart book. Actually, a series of them. Duo Tim Miller and Matt Stanton have teamed up again to produce a series of books that emerging readers who … Continue reading Fart Monster and Me #1 & #2

Lucia and Lawrence

written and illustrated by Joanna Francis Reviewed by Justine Lawson This is an accomplished debut picture book for Joanna Francis, an artist and art teacher who lives in New South Wales, Australia. Lucia and Lawrence are neighbours – a girl and a boy who would like to be friends. Lucia is a joyful, imaginative extrovert … Continue reading Lucia and Lawrence

Leave Taking

by Lorraine Marwood illustrated by Peter Carnavas reviewed by Danielle Freeland Lorraine Marwood has delivered something very special in this verse novel. When Toby’s parents decide to pack up and leave their family’s farm to start again after the death of their only daughter, Leah. Toby doesn’t want to go.  His sadness for Leah turns … Continue reading Leave Taking

Fairytales for Feisty Girls

by Susannah McFarlane featuring artwork from  four  Australian illustrators: Beth Norling, Claire Robertson, Lucinda Gifford and Sher Rill Ng reviewed by Sue Wright The success of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Cavallari and Favilli triggered a welcome focus on stories which increase the visibility of women and girls from across history. Fairytales for Feisty Girls by Susannah McFarlane … Continue reading Fairytales for Feisty Girls