Where’s Lucky?

Written by Jacqui Halpin Illustrated by Sandra Severgnini Reviewed by Dajo Finlayson Based on a true story, this is a beautifully illustrated, colourful and informative picture book highlighting both the tragedy of orphaned wildlife due to road kill and also the cost to, and dedication of, wildlife carers in Australia. Lucky is an orphaned swamp … Continue reading Where’s Lucky?

Dragons in Picture Books

Our latest reading list is all about dragons - the fierce, the bold, the beautiful and also the hungry, the accident-prone, the sleepy, and the short-tempered. Here is a delightful introduction to the world of dragons for the very young - ages 0 to 6. This list is just a brief introduction to  dragons. There … Continue reading Dragons in Picture Books

The Bug Collector

Written and illustrated by Alex G Griffiths Reviewed by Sandy Driessens Sunday is George’s favourite day of the week, because that’s the day he goes on adventures with his Grandad.  On this particular Sunday, Grandad introduces George to the wonderful world of bugs. Inspired by the amazing display of bugs at the Museum of Wildlife, … Continue reading The Bug Collector

Meet Genevieve Young author of The Microscope

Genevieve Young, the winner of our 2019 Short Story competition talks about her writing. How long have you been writing for young people? I started trying out some ideas for preschool and early primary school picture book texts about two years ago. The Microscope was my second attempt at writing a story for older children. … Continue reading Meet Genevieve Young author of The Microscope

And the 2019 Short Story Competition winner is …

The Microscope by Genevieve Young Buzzzzzzzzzz, buzzed the buzzer in Ward 3B. Roxy waited and watched for the shadow of a nurse in the hallway. She was sure that if she held the button down at the right time and for the right number of seconds one would appear and help her to the loo. … Continue reading And the 2019 Short Story Competition winner is …

Squish Rabbit’s Pet

by Katherine Battersby reviewed by Mia Macrossan This story starts at the endpapers as all good picture books should with Squish Rabbit peeking out from behind a large egg. The opening sentence defines the scope of this story with an impressive statement: ‘Squish was a little rabbit but being little led to big dreams.’ Squish … Continue reading Squish Rabbit’s Pet

Mummy Cuddle

by Kate Mayes Illustrated by Sara Acton reviewed by Kerry Neary Cute may be as cute may look but there’s more to this delightful creation than shallow, sweet appeal. It’s a companion to Daddy cuddle by the same partnership, released in hardcover in 2015. The same adorable baby bunny is wide awake at bed time … Continue reading Mummy Cuddle