by Jess McGeachin reviewed by Kerry Neary Sometimes children’s stories take a leap of the imagination but children are so used to this from their let’s pretend games it doesn’t bother them. In Fly, Lucy finds a small bird that can’t fly. Being a fix-it sort, she thinks she can help. She gathers a few … Continue reading Fly

Be Careful What You Wish For by Toby Adeney is the 2019 winner of the Children’s Short Story competition Year 4 – 6 category

WINNER! Be Careful What You Wish For by Toby Adeney The Little Nightingale by Violet Beck Winning! (Multiplied by 2)  by Sienna Emelia De Carlo Toilet Travelling by Oliver Harcourt-Cooze The Lost Diamond Earring by Nonoka Sasazawa Judges' comments: These stories were commendable for careful writing, a thoughtfully constructed plot and an understanding of character.  … Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For by Toby Adeney is the 2019 winner of the Children’s Short Story competition Year 4 – 6 category

The Australian Survival Guide

by George Ivanoff reviewed by Mia Macrossan Even if you think Australia is trying to kill you, The Australia Survival Guide can save your life!  Australia is famous the world over for the deadliness of many of its native species so Ivanoff's survival guide is a very useful resource if you want to stay alive … Continue reading The Australian Survival Guide

Scoop McLaren Detective Editor

by Helen Castles Reviewed by Sarah Custance Helen Castles is a real life newspaper reporter with ‘Scoop McLaren Detective Editor’ being her first published book, the beginning of a series. Helen has wonderfully blended her actual reporter experience as (I’m sure you can tell by the title) it is based around a budding editor and … Continue reading Scoop McLaren Detective Editor

The Funeral

By Matt James Reviewed by Yvonne Mes This beautiful picture book  reveals a child’s understanding of death and shows her feelings and thoughts leading up to and during the day of a funeral. ‘A few days earlier, there had been a phone call. Her great-uncle Frank had died, and today was for saying goodbye.’ Norma’s … Continue reading The Funeral

The Starlight Watchmaker

by Lauren James reviewed by Yvonne Mes From the  author of The Loneliest Girl in the Universe and The Quiet at the End of the World The Starlight Watchmaker tell the story of friendship between an android and a wealthy student at an intergalactic academy. In a world where androids are sentient and self-aware it … Continue reading The Starlight Watchmaker

The Runaway Pea

by Kjartan Poskitt illustrated by Alex Willmore reviewed by Claire Monsour It's time for tea, the dinner has been served - but one mischievous rogue pea has decided to ping himself off the plate in search of adventure! Thus starts an amazing journey across the kitchen and around the house, full of peril and fraught … Continue reading The Runaway Pea