The Silver Arrow

by Lev Grossman reviewed by Mia Macrossan A refreshing debut children’s book by Lev Grossman, an American who usually writes adult fantasy. It’s Kate’s birthday and she isn’t expecting much so when her wealthy uncle gives her a huge life size steam train as a present it causes consternation. Kate and her brother Tom climb … Continue reading The Silver Arrow

The Sloth and the Dinglewot

by Nicole Prust illustrated by Amanda Enright reviewed by Barbara Braxton Down near the banks of the lazy lagoon, Where the trees slowly swayed in the light of the moon, A family of sloths slept soundly asleep As the birds of the sunrise started to cheep. And as the rest of the world awakened, they … Continue reading The Sloth and the Dinglewot

Atticus Van Tasticus 2: The Map of Half Maps

by Andrew Daddo illustrated by Stephen Michael King reviewed by Sarah Custance Andrew Daddo is a versatile man with a career in TV shows, podcasts, and writing. His latest endeavor has been writing middle-grade fiction starting with ‘Atticus Van Tasticus’ and now here is the second Atticus book ‘The Map of Half Maps’. The third … Continue reading Atticus Van Tasticus 2: The Map of Half Maps

The Longest Night of Charlie Noon

written by Christopher Edge reviewed by Leslee Anne Hewson This adventure story is fascinating because of its historical references and science input. Edge wrote a complicated but accessible story which  included factual information about codes and code-breaking – The Freemason’s Code, Morse Code and the Enigma Code. His  three main characters are based on three … Continue reading The Longest Night of Charlie Noon

The Lost Book of Adventure

edited by Teddy Keen reviewed by Mia Macrossan The Lost Book of Adventure – what a marvellous title - purports to be ‘from the notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer’, a person who traveled the globe and had spent most of his time out in the wild. It is an absolute treasure trove of practical and … Continue reading The Lost Book of Adventure