There’s Only One Dad Like You

by Jess Racklyeft Reviewed by Maria Parenti-Baldey Author Illustrator Jess Racklyeft has created a picture story about family and relationships using joyously comical collage and watercolour images.  Each scene shows a Dad spending quality time with their children allowing a child to see him as their ‘hero, friend and guide.’ Whether father/son or father/daughter, Racklyeft … Continue reading There’s Only One Dad Like You

Evie and the Animals

by Matt Haig illustrated by Emily Gravett reviewed by Mia Macrossan This heartwarming story introduces  a young girl who has the special talent of being able to understand and talk to animals a la Hugh Lofting's Dr Dolittle. (I don't think it is a coincidence that Evie goes to Lofting Primary School) Evie gets in … Continue reading Evie and the Animals

Who’s Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf?

by Kitty Black Illustrated by Laura  Wood reviewed by Kerry Neary Let’s get whimsical. Whimsy is that typical feature of stories for the young that leaves readers feeling upbeat and chuckle-happy. It can begin with the cover. Take the title Who’s afraid of the quite nice wolf? The reader can sense immediately that this book … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf?

BumbleBunnies: The Sock (BumbleBunnies, Book 2)

by Graeme Base reviewed by Kerry Neary The second title in Graeme Base’s new series for early readers BumbleBunnies, has been released. It’s called The Sock and is another domestic super-hero story in the vein of The Pond, first title in the series. A strong breeze ruffles the washing on the line and a sock … Continue reading BumbleBunnies: The Sock (BumbleBunnies, Book 2)

Hotel Flamingo

Written and Illustrated by Alex Milway Reviewed by Zewlan Moor Anna Dupont’s Great-Aunt Mathilde has left the Hotel Flamingo to Anna in her will. Anna arrives to a decrepit old hotel with skeleton staff and empty books. Worse than this, The Glitz hotel has opened on top of the hill, in direct competition. It takes … Continue reading Hotel Flamingo

BumbleBunnies: The Pond (BumbleBunnies, Book 1)

Written and illustrated by Graeme Base Reviewed by Inda Ahmad Zabri BumbleBunnies is a series of picture books by Graeme Base. I was surprised when I received the first of these books – ‘The Pond’ – to review, as it was so different in style from his earlier works, in which readers revel in hidden … Continue reading BumbleBunnies: The Pond (BumbleBunnies, Book 1)

Where Does A Giraffe Go To Bed?

written and illustrated by Craig MacLean reviewed by Leslee Anne Hewson This picture book is the second book written and illustrated by Craig MacLean and published by Angus & Robertson. It is the bedtime book sequel to his debut book, What Noise Comes From a Giraffe? The text is written in third person present tense. Eight … Continue reading Where Does A Giraffe Go To Bed?