The Sloth and the Dinglewot

by Nicole Prust illustrated by Amanda Enright reviewed by Barbara Braxton Down near the banks of the lazy lagoon, Where the trees slowly swayed in the light of the moon, A family of sloths slept soundly asleep As the birds of the sunrise started to cheep. And as the rest of the world awakened, they … Continue reading The Sloth and the Dinglewot

Bear Was There

written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland reviewed by Sandy Driessens A huge bear and a tiny mouse gazing at each other with kind, gentle eyes is a delightful image that would draw a child of any age to this lovely book by Sally Anne Garland. 'Love is the first thing Mouse feels as he … Continue reading Bear Was There

The Bear in our Backyard

by Emma Middleton illustrated by Briony Stewart reviewed by Kerry Neary Still fresh and joyful even after being around for about a year, this is a companion book to The lion in our living room, which starred the same sibling pair looking for fun, Tom and Tilly. This time they are outside hoping that their … Continue reading The Bear in our Backyard

Archie and the Bear

Written by Zanni Louise Illustrated by David Mackintosh Reviewed by Sue Wright One of my favourite children’s books is Where’s My Teddy by Jez Alborough (1992). Archie and the Bear (2017) by Zanni Louise and David Mackintosh has a delightful small boy-meets-bear moment reminiscent of Alborough’s classic, though they’re very different books. While Alborough’s boy … Continue reading Archie and the Bear

It’s Not Scribble To Me*

Written by Kate Ritchie Illustrated by Jedda Robaard Reviewed by Kerry Neary Written in vibrant, bouncing verse, the story follows a little bear who has just entered the crayon phase of its life. Most likely, it has been inspired as a mother watches her child explore its surroundings during the day and written it down, … Continue reading It’s Not Scribble To Me*