Watch Over Me

by Nina Lacour reviewed by Margaret McKay-Lowndes Mila is a vulnerable teen, a victim of domestic abuse and an orphan who has outgrown foster care and now must find a place in the world. She is accepted to teach at a remote refuge for troubled children, a large and rambling farm/schoolhouse set up by loving … Continue reading Watch Over Me

Joey and Riley

by Mandy Foot reviewed by Mia Macrossan Mandy Foot has been illustrating other people's stories for many years but this is one she has written and illustrated herself. It is about a working dog who is also a beloved companion. Pet seems too sentimental  a designation for what Riley is to Joey. Joey is a … Continue reading Joey and Riley

One Tree

Written by Christopher Cheng Illustrated by Bruce Whatley Reviewed by Inda Ahmad Zabri One Tree is a tender narrative  about the changes through generations, seen from the eyes of a little boy. Although he has been told that his grandfather was once a strong and gregarious person, the elderly man who lives with him now … Continue reading One Tree