The Mulberry Tree

by Allison Rushby reviewed by Rebecca Sheraton This fantastic middle grade novel will appeal to many 8 - 12 year old readers. A mulberry tree haunts a tiny English village in Cambridgeshire where locals believe the tree has stolen two eleven- year -old girls on the eve of their birthdays in the past. Ten-year-old Immy … Continue reading The Mulberry Tree

Beware the Deep Dark Forest

by Sue Whiting illustrated by Annie White reviewed by Peter Taylor The warmth of Annie White’s delicious artwork and the unusual hand-drawn font used on the cover of Beware the Deep Dark Forrest instantly persuade us to explore the treescape within. Progressing through the tangle-decorated endpaper and title page, we stand on the forest edge … Continue reading Beware the Deep Dark Forest

Lottie Perkins , Book 1 and Book 2

Written by Katrina Nannestad Illustrated by Makoto Koji Reviewed by Danielle Freeland Katrina Nannestad has delivered a heartwarming series of first chapter books for beginner readers. An experienced author herself, Katrina has launched the series with two titles and a further two due to be released in November, 2018. Illustrator, Makoto Koji, has brought her … Continue reading Lottie Perkins , Book 1 and Book 2