Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar

by Clara Vulliamy reviewed by Mia Macrossan Any cat lover will adore this story about Marshmallow Pie, a big fluffy independent cat who is now living in a small flat with his new human, a young girl called Amelia Lime. Pie is a very posh cat with a very long name and he thinks a … Continue reading Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar

Nit Boy

  by Tristan Bancks and Heath McKenzie reviewed by Barbara Braxton Lewis Snow has the worst case of nits in world history. Everyone wants him to shave his head. But Lewis thinks of his nits as pets. He’s determined to keep his hair and his nits, whatever it takes. Ned lives on Lewis’s head. He’s the … Continue reading Nit Boy

100% Wolf

by Jayne Lyons reviewed by Mia Macrossan One of the few reads that succeeds in being laugh out loud funny, 100 % WOLF by Jayne Lyons is the story of Freddy Lupin, from a noble family of werewolves. He is looking forward to his first transformation into a big scary werewolf. Unfortunately he turns into … Continue reading 100% Wolf

The Power of Positive Pranking

by Nat Amoore reviewed by Sarah Custance Here is  an incredibly funny, thought provoking, heart-tugging book that makes you feel  anyone and everyone can make a difference. Nat Amoore is the author of ‘Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire’ and though ‘The Power of Positive Pranking’ is not a sequel is does take place in the … Continue reading The Power of Positive Pranking

Mr Archimedes’ Bath

by Pamela Allen reviewed by Mia Macrossan A very old and popular favourite is celebrating 40 years in print! I am sure that many of you will recognize it and remember it fondly. Mr Archimedes’ Bath by Pamela Allen was first published in 1980. It explains in a delightfully quirky way that Eureka! moment when Mr … Continue reading Mr Archimedes’ Bath