Bear Was There

written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland reviewed by Sandy Driessens A huge bear and a tiny mouse gazing at each other with kind, gentle eyes is a delightful image that would draw a child of any age to this lovely book by Sally Anne Garland. 'Love is the first thing Mouse feels as he … Continue reading Bear Was There

All of the Factors of Why I love Tractors

by Davina Bell illustrated by Jenny Lovlie reviewed by Melissa Salisbury All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors is another delightful rhyming book by Davina Bell that celebrates the wonderful, and sometimes frustrating, obsessions children can develop with their favourite subject or object. When Frankie McGee wants to borrow the same book on … Continue reading All of the Factors of Why I love Tractors

Mummy Cuddle

by Kate Mayes Illustrated by Sara Acton reviewed by Kerry Neary Cute may be as cute may look but there’s more to this delightful creation than shallow, sweet appeal. It’s a companion to Daddy cuddle by the same partnership, released in hardcover in 2015. The same adorable baby bunny is wide awake at bed time … Continue reading Mummy Cuddle

The Bear in our Backyard

by Emma Middleton illustrated by Briony Stewart reviewed by Kerry Neary Still fresh and joyful even after being around for about a year, this is a companion book to The lion in our living room, which starred the same sibling pair looking for fun, Tom and Tilly. This time they are outside hoping that their … Continue reading The Bear in our Backyard