The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator

by Matilda Woods reviewed by Bryani-Rose, age 11 Eleven-year old Oona Britt is from Nordlor, the village of one thousand ships. She lives with her father, mother and six sisters.  Oona is very unlike her sisters, instead of wanting to marry a prince, travel South and look fantastic all the time, she wants to go … Continue reading The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator

Elementals: Battle Born

by Amie Kaufman reviewed by Sarah Custance Amie Kaufman is the co-author of many well-known series such as ‘The Unearthed Duology’ and ‘The Starbound Trilogy’ both written with Meagan Spooner and the ‘Illuminae Files’ and ‘Aurora Cycle’ both written with Jay Kristoff. The Elementals Trilogy are her first solo novels. ‘Battle Born’ starts off straight … Continue reading Elementals: Battle Born

Yahoo Creek An Australian Mystery

Written and illustrated by Tohby Riddle Reviewed by Kerry Neary Yahoo Creek: an Australian Mystery is one of those books that are better shared between adult and child because of its sophisticated presentation. It has been written and illustrated by extraordinary picture book creator Tohby Riddle. He has taken extracts from colonial newspaper reports, to … Continue reading Yahoo Creek An Australian Mystery