The Australian Survival Guide

by George Ivanoff reviewed by Mia Macrossan Even if you think Australia is trying to kill you, The Australia Survival Guide can save your life!  Australia is famous the world over for the deadliness of many of its native species so Ivanoff's survival guide is a very useful resource if you want to stay alive … Continue reading The Australian Survival Guide

The House on the Mountain

Written by Ella Holcombe Illustrated by David Cox Reviewed by Kerry Neary Australia suffers a lot from natural disasters; some are happening right now. A new release adds to the list of picture books about these disasters. The house on the mountain, , is based on experiences of the Black Saturday fires in Victoria 10 … Continue reading The House on the Mountain

The Lost Book of Adventure

edited by Teddy Keen reviewed by Mia Macrossan The Lost Book of Adventure – what a marvellous title - purports to be ‘from the notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer’, a person who traveled the globe and had spent most of his time out in the wild. It is an absolute treasure trove of practical and … Continue reading The Lost Book of Adventure