Leaping Lola

by Tracey Hawkins illustrated by Anil Tortop reviewed by Sandy Driessens How lovely is this image of a cow leaping in the moonlight and the black and white cow hide print on the end papers. But what is the story behind it? With clip-clopping of hooves and some fabulous moves, Lola the Jersey cow practices … Continue reading Leaping Lola

Hodge Podge Lodge ( A rubbish story)

Written and illustrated by Priscilla Lamont Reviewed by Zewlan Moor Hodge Podge Lodge is the story of the higgledy-piggledy Pigwigs, a family of pigs. They all have a negative relationship to stuff in some way. Pa Pigwig is a compulsive online shopper. Ma Pigwig’s groceries have excess packaging, and her preserves are piling up too. … Continue reading Hodge Podge Lodge ( A rubbish story)